Wigor S

Granulated sulfur fertiliser for organic farming

Granulated sulfur fertilizer for better nitrogen utilization, approved for organic cultivation. Granulated sulfur fertilizer of free sulfur 90% S, 5% magnesium carbonate and 5% bentonite.

From the soil, the plant roots take up the sulfur as sulfate (SO42-). The plants can also absorb sulfur like SO2 from air through the slit openings. Sulfur is transported to a very small extent from older to younger plant parts. Sulfur deficiency will therefore appear on the youngest leaves. Deficiency symptoms are pale green to yellow in color of the leaves, as well as reduced growth. Deficiency also leads to lower protein content in the plants.

Wigor S is a granular fertilizer containing 90% sulfur. Due to its swelling properties upon contact with water, the bentonite in the fertilizer [pH> 7] causes the fragmentation of the sulfur. The sulfur molecules in the soil are oxidized by microorganisms to the sulfur form which is absorbable by plants. The effect of the increase of sulfates in the soil occurs after only seven days of application of fertilizer and the further systematic activation of the sulfur provides an adequate supply of this element throughout the vegetation period.

Granulated sulfur fertilizer of pure sulfur is a favorable method to meet increased sulfur demand and to lower the pH level. Suitable for all cultures, special cultures and meadows. Sulfurphilic crops are rapeseed, peas, legumes, sugar beets and beets, and cereals: wheat, barley and corn on soil with sulfur.

Wigor S

  • No runoff
  • 5-10 times better effect than sulphate fertilizers
  • Saved pesticides
  • Strong immune system reduces fungal attack
  • Increases the absorption of nitrogen
  • The plants grow better

(Plants need 1 kg of sulfur to absorb 7 kg of nitrogen)

  • More protein in cereals, grass and legumes
  • Increased oil production
  • Sulfur contributes to oil formation in oilseeds
  • Higher sulfur content in gluten acidifies the soil
  • Important for soil with too high a pH value
  • Increases the absorption of nitrogen
  • Increases feed value

Granulated sulfur fertilizer of free sulfur 90% S


free sulfur
magnesium carbonate



Granulated sulfur fertilizer of free sulfur 90% S - 5% Magnesium carbonate - 5% Bentonite.


To be applied after soil analyzes. Depending on the crop and sulfur availability in the soil, the fertilizer is used in doses from 10 to 45 kg S / ha, making 11-50 kg fertilizer per hectare. The fertilizer can be used alone or in a mixture with other granular fertilizers.


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