Grønn Gjødsel springs from Norwegian poultry production, and we are still an active chicken producer.

In 1985, the start-up for the production of pelleted organic fertilizers was based on raw materials from poultry production. Since then, the business has evolved into what is today called Grønn Gjødsel AS. The natural fertilizer / chicken manure is pelleted in its own factory room in Rakkestad.

We have customers all over Europe, both in conventional and organic agriculture, lawn producers, golf courses and outlets at garden centers.

We constantly strive to satisfy the customer's desire for fertiliser type, packaging and quality. As a grain producer, we use our own fertiliser products. We can therefore guarantee that our products are very efficient and provide optimal and lush growth!

At Grønn Gjødsel we meet the challenges the plants give us!

The founding prize 2013 from Sparebankene in Indre Østfold.

Gaselle of the Year in Østfold 2015 by Dagens Næringsliv.

The Business Development Award in Agriculture in Østfold 2019 by Innovation Norway.

The national agricultural development award for agriculture 2019 by Innovation Norway.

Here is the movie  that was made in connection with Grønn Gjødsel being nominated for the Business Development Award in Innovation Norway

Grønn Gjødsel

Østfoldbedriften Grønn Gjødsel bruker naturlige råvarer og rester fra landbruket til å produsere nytt, organisk gjødsel. Nå er de en av tre finalister til bedriftsutviklingsprisen i landbruket! Les om alle finalistene her:

Publisert av Innovasjon Norge Fredag 20. desember 2019

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