Agroleaf Liquid Calcium + is a liquid foliar fertilizer that contains calcium and nitrogen. The product is enhanced with unique technologies to increase calcium absorption and to prevent calcium deficiency in fruit and vegetable crops. It is fortified with three amino acids, of which it has been proven that these improve Ca uptake. Glycine and glutamic acid are basic metabolites in the formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll synthesis, while L-arginine increases the synthesis of flower and fruit-related hormones. Enriched with non-ionic surfactant - with excellent dispersion and moisture properties - further improves the rate of Ca uptake and leaf surface coverage. Unique liquid leaf product that combines the most effective amino acids to increase Ca uptake. Will improve the construction of cell walls in the plant and produce and thus storage and shelf life for all raw materials. Will increase Ca absorption and nutrient efficiency and prevent deficiencies.

Liquid foliar fertilizer

Agroleaf Liquid is a new range of liquid foliar fertilizers for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit. The new ICL technology in Agroleaf Liquid is the F3 SurfActive technology. F3 SurfActive is a specific blend of non-ionic surfactants that improves the effectiveness of the sprayed solution via:

1. Better spreading: The F3 technology lowers the surface tension of droplets and spreads nutrients optimally over the leaves. This results in a larger covered area for nutrient uptake.

2. Better adhesion: Better adhesion of water droplets to the leaf surface reduces runoff and deviations, and increases nutrient availability, especially on waxy leaves.

3. Better storage: F3 technology enables the storage of nutrients on the leaf surface that are reactivated by re-humidification (eg of high humidity). This provides long-term nutrition and improved utilization.


Nitrogen Total (N)
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)
Potassium oxide (K2O)
Magnesium oxide (MgO)

7 %
0 %
0 %
10 %


Agroleaf Liquid Mg is a first-class balanced water-soluble foliar fertilizer with magnesium. It contains Everris M-77 chelated trace element and stimulating package for optimal uptake through the foliage. Agroleaf Liquid can be mixed with a wide range of protective sprays. We recommend a test mixture when mixing with other chemicals.


For outdoor applications, dissolve 3-10 liters in 200 - 600 liters of water per hectare. Can be mixed with many fungicides / insecticides. For mixtures with other chemicals, we recommend doing a small test before using it on a large scale. Recommended during periods of strong growth, at planting, at the 4-6 leaf stage, before flowering, fruiting and a few weeks before harvest. Avoid periods of adverse conditions (eg strong sunlight, high dinner temperature and excessive evaporation time).

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