Agroleaf Liquid B-10 is a liquid fertilizer with boron (B) in the form of borethanolamine. It is used to prevent and, if necessary, correct changes caused by deficiency or imbalance in the assimilation of this micronutrient. Tree- and herbaceous crops can be applied via leaf and / or root applications.

Liquid foliar fertilizer

Agroleaf Liquid is a new range of liquid foliar fertilizers for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit. The new ICL technology in Agroleaf Liquid is the F3 SurfActive technology. F3 SurfActive is a specific blend of non-ionic surfactants that improves the effectiveness of the sprayed solution via:

1. Better spreading: The F3 technology lowers the surface tension of droplets and spreads nutrients optimally over the leaves. This results in a larger covered area for nutrient uptake.

2. Better adhesion: Better adhesion of water droplets to the leaf surface reduces runoff and deviations, and increases nutrient availability, especially on waxy leaves.

3. Better storage: F3 technology enables the storage of nutrients on the leaf surface that are reactivated by re-humidification (eg of high humidity). This provides long-term nutrition and improved utilization.

Agroleaf Liquid B-10 is a liquid fertilizer with boron (B) in the form of borethanolamine.


Nitrogen total (N)
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)
Potassium oxide (K2O)

0 %
0 %
0 %
10,00 %


Agroleaf Liquid B-10 is a liquid fertilizer with boron (B) in the form of borethanolamine. Do not mix with mineral oils, manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate or with sulphocalic compounds, acids or strong bases. A test should be performed or your advisor should be consulted to determine the compatibility of particular mixtures.


For crops that are particularly sensitive to boron deficiency, a preventive root or leaf application is recommended, and divide the indicated dose into 2 or 3 portions. In shrubs and trees it is advisable to carry out preventive treatments after flowering and fruiting, coinciding with the beginning of the increase of greater development, and in arable crops, in the initial stages of greater vegetative growth. In case of deficiency, 2 or 3 consecutive leaf applications of B-10 must be performed at intervals of 15-20 days, and continue, if necessary, to apply doses via the roots.
Fruit and berries. Applications during pre-flowering (30 days before flowering) and stone hardening phase, in doses of 150-350 cc / hl, with a total use of 800-1,000 L / ha.
Applications during flowering, petal drop and fruit development, in a dose of 150-300 cc / hl.
Vegetables. 150-300 cc / hl 15 days before flowering begins.

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