mineral fertiliser for organic farming

EcoPlant is a chlorine-free mineral supplement and is therefore particularly suitable for chlorine-sensitive plants such as potatoes, vegetables, fruits and berries. EcoPlant can also add by a seed drill or between other cultivator means; for corn, sunflower, winter and spring rapeseed alone or as part of mixtures.

EcoPlant is a natural alkali (рН 10-12) with high neutralization properties because it can reduce soil acidity. This makes EcoPlant most effective on acidic soil. EcoPlant contains up to 25% calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate (СаО, MgO), ie 1 tonne EcoPlant has a neutralizing capacity equivalent to 0.35 tonnes of lime.

On top of potassium (К2О), EcoPlant contains phosphorus 4-6% (Р2О5), magnesium 8-12% (MgO), sulfur 8-16% (SО4), calcium 10-17% (СаО). Therefore, the total content of important mineral elements in EcoPlant® is more than 70%, ie the highest among industrial granulated fertilizers such as ammophos (64%) or potassium chloride (60%).

EcoPlant is a natural alkali (рН 10-12) with high In addition to important mineral elements, EcoPlant also contains important trace elements: iron (Fe) - 1340 mg / kg, boron (B) - 1000 mg / kg, zinc (Zn) - 900 mg / kg, copper (Cu) - 240 mg / kg, manganese (Mn) - 150 mg / kg, chromium (Cr) - 6.3 mg / kg, molybdenum (Mo) - 1.5 mg / kg, cobalt (Co) - 0.37 mg / kg. It gives EcoPlant an added advantage while using such crops as winter and spring rape, sunflower, corn, potato, vegetables that use large amounts of trace elements.

It has been scientifically proven that apart from increasing productivity, using EcoPlant, it results in increases in raw materials with a dry matter content: protein in grain crops, fat in oil-bearing crops, vegetables in carbohydrates, fruits and beet, which improves their quality. Plants become more resistant to low temperatures and drought, and less vulnerable to root and stem rot.


Sulfur (sulfate)


1,75 %
23,24 %
2,4 %
5,8 %
7 %

1000 ppm
300 ppm
30 ppm
60 ppm
60 ppm
2 ppm
2 ppm


EcoPlant is a chlorine-free compound mineral fertilizer of plant origin, recommended for organic farming. Potassium (К2О) is an active basic ingredient that is 28–41% of the total compound, and is contained in the form of carbonates (К2СО3) and sulfates (К2SO4), easily absorbed by plants.


Refer to soil and any leaf analysis, as well as consult your advisor, plant nutritional needs and crop level.
Ecoplant fertiliser is most effective in the early growth stages of vegetables, maize, sunflower, winter and spring rape if used during pre-cultivation application. Thanks to the granular form, Ecoplant gradually dissolves, does not wash out of water and keeps some effect.

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