Complete liquid foliar fertilizer with balanced nutrition

Agroleaf Liquid Balance is a high quality NPK liquid foliar fertilizer that provides balanced nutrition. The product is enriched with an even package of chelated trace elements. Agroleaf Liquid Balance includes a unique, ICL technology that increases the efficiency of each blade application: F3 SurfActive

Liquid foliar fertilizer

Agroleaf Liquid is a new range of liquid foliar fertilizers for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruit. The new ICL technology in Agroleaf Liquid is the F3 SurfActive technology. F3 SurfActive is a specific blend of non-ionic surfactants that improves the effectiveness of the sprayed solution via:

1. Better spreading: The F3 technology lowers the surface tension of droplets and spreads nutrients optimally over the leaves. This results in a larger covered area for nutrient uptake.

2. Better adhesion: Better adhesion of water droplets to the leaf surface reduces runoff and deviations, and increases nutrient availability, especially on waxy leaves.

3. Better storage: F3 technology enables the storage of nutrients on the leaf surface that are reactivated by re-humidification (eg of high humidity). This provides long-term nutrition and improved utilization.


Nitrogen Total (N)
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)
Potassium oxide (K2O)

10 %
10 %
10 %
0,06 %
0,03 %
0,02 %
0,002 %
0,001 %
0,015 %


Agroleaf Liquid Balance is a first-class balanced water-soluble foliar fertilizer with NPK in equal amounts. It contains Everris M-77 chelated trace element and stimulating package for optimal uptake through the foliage. Agroleaf Liquid Balance can be mixed with a wide range of protective sprays. We recommend a test mixture when mixing with other chemicals.


For outdoor applications, dissolve 3-10 liters in 200 - 600 liters of water per hectare. Can be mixed with many fungicides / insecticides. For mixtures with other chemicals, we recommend doing a small test before using it on a large scale. Recommended during periods of strong growth, at planting, at the 4-6 leaf stage, before flowering, fruiting and a few weeks before harvest. Avoid periods of adverse conditions (eg strong sunlight, high temperature and excessive evaporation time).

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