stimulates immune system and growth

ProAlexin is added to strengthen the plant's immune system and improve its health. Proalexin is used for foliar fertilization, watering and open land. The benefits of the use are reduced fertiliser use and thus better quality and increased crop yield.

ProAlexin is the chemical substance potassium phosphite, which helps to grow the crop with healthy plants without using chemicals or pesticides. Potassium phosphite is absorbed by the plants but is not included in the metabolism. Various salts have a long tradition in the field of plant protection and, among other things, help prevent fungi. The product is also a phytoalexin elicitor that stimulates the plant's ability to photosynthesis. This reduces the strain on the plant and the robust growth leads to increased yield. At the same time reduces the use of pesticides. Within a few days after the first use, the sugar content of the plant usually increases. Since the plant receives increased energy, it is also healthier and more resistant to insects.

Easily accessible - dissolved in water, for immediate use.
Concentrated, has little storage need, quick to add.



120 g/liter
145 g/liter


Alkali salts of phosphite ions HPO3-- / H2PO3-


Greenhouses: 1-2% solution sprayed or 0.1-0.4 liters / m3 in irrigation, outdoors 5-50 liters / ha
Refer to soil and any leaf analysis, as well as consult your advisor, plant nutritional needs and crop level.


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