Liquid fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium

Magnofoss is a liquid fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium, which is used for nutrient solutions for irrigation and foliar fertilization. Suitable for drip systems. Alongside magnesium, an important phosphorus supplement in foliar fertilization in outdoor crops in the spring when the soil is cold.

The plants need relatively large amounts of magnesium and there may be a shortage of plants growing on acidic sandy soil. Magnesium is contained in chlorophyll, stabilizes the cells, and is an activator for several enzymes. Magnesium is relatively little transportable internally once it has entered the plant. The deficiency symptoms appear as reduced green color between green leaf nerves, first in older leaves. In case of severe magnesium deficiency, the leaves turn yellowish-white and leaf blotting occurs.
For nutritional solutions for irrigation: The dose depends on the alkalinity of the water, ie the content of hydrogen carbonate ions. Perform a raw water analysis to determine the alkalinity. 0.17 l Magnofoss neutralizes an alkalinity of 100 mg / l in 1000 l of irrigation water. Remember to leave an alkalinity of 50-100 mg / l in the water to maintain some buffer capacity in the water. Example: Your water has an alkalinity of 230 mg / l. You will neutralize 180 mg / l (and retain 50 mg / l). Then 0.17 x 180/100 = 0.306 l Magnofoss per 1000 l irrigation water is needed.

Easily accessible - dissolved in water, for immediate use.



10 g / l
175 g / l
62 g / l
<0,004 mg / l


Phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium


Normal dosage: Greenhouse 2-3 dl / 1000 l nutrient solution Outdoor 10-25 l / ha. Use helping agent Ekovett.
Refer to soil and any leaf analysis, as well as consult your advisor, plant nutritional needs and crop level.


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