Levasil CS15-150

strengthens cell walls and plant structure

Silicon is the building blocks of cell walls and Levasil is added to strengthen cell walls. Levasil feeds silicon in easily absorbable form in foliar fertilization, watering and open land. It strengthens the resistance to various forms of stress, such as heat, cold, salt, pollutants and harmful organisms.

Silicon has received increasing attention in agriculture in recent years due to the beneficial effect it has on several crop species. Silicon fertilizers are now seen as sustainable alternative to provide tolerance to biotic and abiotic strains representing constraints to crop production. The beneficial effects of Si are well documented, and these benefits derived from Si are often correlated with the amount of Si uptake by plants. However, despite the relative presence of Si in soil, plant availability of Si is limited in most soil types. For this reason, a better molecular understanding of Si uptake in plants is important to maximize the benefits of Si fertilization.

Silicon or silicon exists as silica (SiO2) and other silicates. Hydrated silicon is found in intercellular compartments, cell walls and endoplasmic reticulum. Silicon complexes with polyphenols can provide mechanical strength alternatively to lignin. Scab grass (Equisetum hiemale) contains a lot of silicon and has been used to scrub in the old days and has a high content of silicon in the gap openings. Silicon (l. Silex - pebble, quartz) is the second most common element on Earth. Silicon is never found freely, but as hydrated form or as silicates.

Some plants accumulate silicon in large quantities, such as ferns and grasses including grains. Silicon occurs in the plants as crystals that resemble opal, called phytoliths, made in special cells, e.g. in the epidermis. High silicon content provides protection against grazing animals. Silicon deficiency gives less bending strength, causes legging, easier fungal infection, and less protection from grazing.

Easily accessible - dissolved in water, for immediate use.
Concentrated, has little storage need, quick to add.



13,7 %
7 %


Silicon and potassium


Greenhouses: 1-2% solution sprayed or 0.1-0.4 liters / m3 in irrigation, outdoors 5-50 liters / ha. Cannot be mixed with other fertilizers. Strong basic solution.
Refer to soil and any leaf analysis, as well as consult your advisor, plant nutritional needs and crop level.


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