Folio Fe – foliar fertilizer for use against iron deficiency

Folio Fe is used after leaf analysis or prophylactically before periods of increasing mineral demand. Such periods are during flowering, fruiting or during strong growth and development. Folio Fe contains a high concentration of iron in combination with a dispersant.

The dispersant ensures that the mineral has good contact with the leaf surface, and the growth has a good opportunity to absorb it. The dispersant is made from plant material and is organically marketable.

To best help the growth out of a mineral deficiency, Folio Fe is added energy in the form of a foliar fertilizer (Pepton). Folio Fe is absorbed into the growths within a few hours and the effect can be visible already on the same day. Folio Fe is supplied in powder form and should be mixed with water, and can be used with other types of foliar fertilizers or pesticides. Folio Fe is dosed with between 50 and 200 grams (dry weight) per. acres.

Finished formulated foliar fertilizer for use against iron deficiency by spraying the foliage in vegetables, fruits, legumes and grains.
Enhances plant development of buds and leaves. Stimulates the flower, formation and growth of the fruit.
Mix in water after desired dosage, by experience, soil or leaf analysis.

Fertilizer approved in organic farming at (EC) No 834/2007 level.

General recommendations





Strengthens growth and development

Before flowering at risk of deficiency, otherwise after flowering is complete. Can be repeated after 10-14 days. For cork crust exposed types, treatment is usually postponed until 6 weeks after flowering.


Strengthens growth and development

Use one week after full germination, repeat once after 14 days, etc.

Salad open air

Strengthens growth and development

10-14 days after planting/ germination. In case of moderate deficiency repeat at 10-14 day intervals. Last treatment no later than 1 month before harvest.


Stimulate incipient head formation. Especially at low soil temperatures in spring / early summer.

From the 4-leaf stage. Repeat at 10 to 14 day intervals for moderate deficiency symptoms.


Strengthens growth and development

Start at 4-6 leaf stage to prevent general deficiency. At the start of flowering, repeat at the end of flowering to prevent internal discoloration.


iron content (Fe)
Organic carbon

ca. 19 %
20 %
ca. 4 %

Amino acid profile

All amino acids are of type L


Dissolved in water:

50 - 200 grams (dry weight) per. acre.

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