with natural iron chelate for foliar fertilization

Generally to supply iron by analysis or suspicion of iron deficiency. The iron in Ferrovital is bound with the natural chelating agent citrate, which the plant itself uses for the transport of iron inside the plant. Iron citrate is therefore more efficiently absorbed through the leaves compared to other chelating agents or unclassified products.

Iron, like many other micronutrients, is important for the plant's resistance to disease. Ferrovital is used for foliar fertilization for all greenhouse and outdoor cultures to counteract iron deficiency. One sign of iron deficiency is chlorosis, which comes from a reduced amount of chlorophyll, thereby giving the plant a yellow color which under normal conditions should be green.
Pepton (or Protem) + Ferrovital + Magnofoss is a good combination for spraying, among other things, berry cultivation in the spring when the temperature is low and the plants are preferred by plant-improving substances. In cold soils there is often an iron deficiency and Ferrovital provides easily absorbable iron directly to the leaves. Magnofoss supplies important phosphorus which is difficult to absorb at low soil temperature and also magnesium in chlorophyll. Especially when plants are stressed or weakened, Pepton is important in supplying energy. Pepton also provides ready-made building blocks for protein synthesis and improves the uptake of the other preparations.

Easily accessible - dissolved in water, for immediate use.
Concentrated, has little storage need, quick to add.
A quick source of iron.



50 g/liter
1,3 kg/l


Iron with the natural chelate citrate
Directly available for plant uptake provides rapid and safe growth.


To be applied after soil analyzes. Dose for foliar fertilizers: 0.1-5.0 l / 100 l spray liquid, 5-10 l / ha. For golf greens 20 l / ha.
Refer to soil and leaf analysis, as well as consult your advisor, plant nutritional needs and crop level.


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