Aqua Easy

Helps the water reach the root

Aqua Easy removes surface tension in the soil, increases the soil's openness to water and helps the soil retain more water. This improves both the water movement and the water distribution within the root zone.

Aqua Easy is a surfactant that helps reduce water-related plant stress, reduces watering requirements and ensures even water distribution throughout any root zone.

Research has shown that the original cause of membrane formation is the build-up of naturally produced waxes and fats around sand and soil particles. When the particles dry they become water repellent and the root zone fails to absorb water. Dry patches usually appear during periods of dry weather such as small isolated patches of thin, stressed water-repellent peat. This applies to all grass species, but initially they are clearer on the shallower anchored species, ie annual meadows where deterioration of the plant can occur very quickly.

Under the surface of these affected areas the soil is extremely dry and will not easily get wet again. Research has shown that the buildup of membranes is concentrated at the boundary of the soil height and this area is referred to as the hydrophobic zone. Aqua Easy offers the following benefits:

Improves water penetration
Improves water distribution
Helps prevent and overcome dry patches
Reduces water-related plant stress
Reduces watering requirement
Effectively spreads dew and scum
Encourages a healthy balance of air and water in the root zone
Provides an enhanced environment for healthy root growth

Easily accessible - dissolved in water, for immediate use.



0,99 kg / l


Biodegradable surfactants made from vegetable sources.


To treat 500 m square 1 liter of product in 40 liters of water
To treat 5000 m square 10 liters of product in 400 liters of water

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