Two new organic fertilizers with more nitrogen

Green Fertilizer has developed two new organic fertilizer products with extra high nitrogen content. Both have a composition that ensures that the plants are supplied with nitrogen over a long period of time and also provide a good supply of carbon to the soil.

The new fertilizer products are called Øko 11 and Øko 14 respectively.

Øko 11 contains 11% nitrogen, 3% phosphate and 2% potassium. It is based on a well-proven prescription for organic fertilizers and is made from chicken mutton, meat bone flour, and vinasse. Øko 11 contains 4.8% calcium as well as the most important nutrients that plants need. It is expected that Øko 11 will be a new standard for basic fertilization in organic farming.

Eco 14 contains 14% nitrogen, 2% phosphate and 1% potassium. Øko 14 is based on a proven prescription for organic fertilizer. Øko 14 is made of chicken milk and bonemeal flour and additionally has an additional addition of animal protein to raise the nitrogen content. Øko 14 contains 2.1% calcium as well as the most important nutrients that plants need.

Øko 14 also contains plenty of iron, which gives the plant a deeper green color and facilitates more efficient photosynthesis.

In organic farming, a higher content of nitrogen has long been sought. Both of the two new fertilizer types have more nitrogen than was previously possible. More nitrogen contributes to higher crops by ensuring good growth and development of the physical structure of the plants. The traditional way to provide access to nitrogen in organic agriculture is alternate to cultivate plants that collect nitrogen themselves.

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